Vytorin: An Efficient Medication to Reduce the Cholesterol Levels

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Ezetimibe is a drug that helps toreduce the amount of cholesterol absorbed by the body. Simvastatin belongs to the category of drugs known as statins. It is a HMG CoA reductase inhibitor. Vytorin is a combination of Simvastatin and Ezetimibe. It is use to reduce the amount of bad cholesterol in the body and increases the good cholesterol that is required by the body. That is it reduces the low density lipoprotein and increases the high density lipoprotein. This drug is used for treatment only among adults and children who are above 12 years of age.

Those who are allergic to Simvastatin and Ezetimibe are prevented from using Vytorin in order to avoid the fatal effects. While using the medication food containing high amount of cholesterol have to be avoided. Dieting, weight control methods and exercising will help the body respond well to the medicine. Pregnant women and breast feeding mothers are also prevented from using the medication. This is because in both the cases the baby will have to suffer dangerous effects. it has been proved that in rare cases Vytorin can lead to the break down of skeletal muscle tissue which may lead to kidney failure.

Vytorin should be taken only under the guidance of a doctor. Taking more or less than the specified dosage can cause serious side effects. it has to be taken daily in he evening with or without food. It would be dangerous to use the medicine during a surgery or other medical emergencies.

Unexplained muscle pain, tenderness, or weakness; fever, unusual tiredness, and dark colored urine; swelling, weight gain, urinating less than usual or not at all; or nausea, upper stomach pain, itching, loss of appetite, dark urine, clay-colored stools, jaundice are some of the serious side effects caused by Vytorin. It needs immediate medical attention. It is better to stop using the medicine if allergies occur. The common allergic reactions include hives; breathing trouble, swelling of the face, lips, tongue or throat. There is no need to turn panic as side effects if treated immediately can be cured easily.


Coumadin Fish Oil Supplements

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Also known as food supplement or nutritional supplement, a dietary supplement is a preparation of vitamins, minerals, fiber, amino or fatty acids that cannot otherwise be included in a normal diet or are insufficiently consumed. Most people would like to define these as foods while most like to call them drugs or a natural health drug. One of the supplements available today in the market are coumadin fish oil supplements.

Also known as warfarin, coumadin is an anticoagulant which most people refer to as blood thinner. However, this nickname would not be fully apt since this drug does not have a direct effect on either the viscosity or even the thickness of blood. This drug attacks the liver and decreases the quantity of key proteins in the blood that give it the ability to clot.

Taking Warfarin can have complications because of the fact that it can interact with other common medications and sometimes even with chemicals present in some food products. The interaction may not be beneficial because it can only either enhance or reduce the effect of anticoagulation.

Such a prescription of this drug would require constant monitoring to the degree of anticoagulation in the blood is required. This is mainly to avoid unwanted side effects such as bleeding and other dangerous risks.

The other side of the coin involves fish oil. They are derived from tissues of oily fish. They contain EPA and DHA omega 3 fatty acids which are widely known to have numerous health benefits. The story here is that fishes do not normally produce omega 3 but acquire them through consumption of microalgae that produce fatty acids.

At the risk of high levels of contaminants, the FDA has limited consumption of predatory fishes except for non predatory fishes which have lower risk for accumulating toxic substances. The benefits of fish oil are widely known in almost all medical categories such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, degenerative brain diseases, depression, psoriasis and even pregnancy.

When you’re doctor pronounces you at risk of heart strokes or some other serious thromboses otherwise known as blood clotting, the doctor may prescribe you with warfarin to avoid unwanted clotting. According to clinic research, fish oil can also reduce the risk of clotting.

Since it is FDA approved, both warfarin and fish oil products are now over the counter products that are available to almost anyone. However, consult your doctor before you resort to any supplement because some are known to contraindicate with other forms of medication. Since coumadin fish oil supplements have a way of increasing the blood thinning process, most doctors have now advised against the use of this supplement unless you consult first with your doctor to avoid any side effects and contraindications.


Control cholesterol with Vytorin

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Vytorin is a medicine which is used in the treatment of high levels of cholesterol. It is a mixture of two medicines viz. simvastatin and ezetimibe. Ezetimibe helps in reducing body’s ability to absorb cholesterol whereas simvastatin belongs to the family of drugs called as statins. The primary aim why Vytorin is put to use is that it reduces the amount of bad cholesterol in the body and increases the amount of good cholesterol in the body. The basic difference between good and bad cholesterol is the difference between the densities of the lipoprotein.

Good cholesterol is of higher density whereas bad cholesterol is of lower density. Vytorin is just a part of the complete package which comprises of diet, exercises and medicines. If the patient doesn’t keep a control on his eating habits and consumes food with high content of fats then it doesn’t prove that much effective. Vytorin also reduces the triglyceride levels in the body hence consumption of alcohol may reduce the effectiveness of the medicine. It may also harm the patient’s liver badly.

If the patient has suffered or is suffering from kidney disease, liver disease or diabetes the patient should consult the doctor regarding the dose adjustment. Vytorin can badly harm a baby in the womb if the mother is taking the dosage of Vytorin. The patient should avoid getting pregnant during the treatment period. She should stop the dosage at once if she gets pregnant. Moreover it can pass through the breast milk and harm the infant. Consumption of grapefruit products can be seriously dangerous as it can mix with Vytorin.

The patient should not regulate their consumption without consulting with the doctor. Moreover if the patient notices some abnormal symptoms such as swelling in some part of the face or problems in breathing then he should seek medical consultation immediately. Urinating problems, weakness etc. are some symptoms which demand immediate medical care.


Zetia – A Starting Point To Reduce Cholesterol

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Zetia helps you reduce bad cholesterol which can help in avoiding serious problems such as heart attack and stroke. Zetia, known by the generic ezetimibe, is a medical drug that helps reduce cholesterol absorbed by the body. It is a great supplement recommended for use even when associated with a healthy diet or even when diet and physical exercise aren’t enough.

General aspects about cholesterol:

Cholesterol is an important part of our body. It is a fat-like substance found in the bloodstream and in the cells of our body which helps to maintain a healthy body as long as it is not overly abundant. There are two types of cholesterol, one produced by your body accounts for 75% of typical cholesterol levels. The other type gets into the body through the consumption of certain types of food. If you eat too much fat and otherwise unhealthy food which increases the amount of cholesterol in your body then it means you have welcomed danger.

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Precautions before taking Zetia:

  • If you have had or you have liver diseases, inform your doctor before taking this drug
  • It is not known yet if Zetia has side effects on pregnant women or if the drug passes through breast milk. Before taking this medication you should consult your doctor.
  • While using Zetia, there is an increased chance of myopathy and you should promptly report any unexplained muscle pains, weakness, or tenderness to your doctor.
  • Administration, dosage and recommendations of Zetia:

  • This medication should be taken with a full glass of water either with or without food
  • If you take any other medications besides Zetia, you should take this medication at least 2 hours before or 4 hours later the bile acid sequestrate.
  • Zetia should be strictly taken only as prescribed by the doctor.
  • A healthy low fat diet helps this drug attain optimal results.
  • If you miss a dose, take it as soon as possible, but if it is nearly time for the next dose skip it. Don’t take two doses at once.
  • It takes a while before you attain noticeable benefits; do not interrupt suddenly discontinue treatment.
  • Zetia’s possible interaction with other drugs:

    It is very important to inform your doctor if you are taking other medicines before beginning Zetia. There are several medications which interact with Zetia and can produce serious and dangerous effects to the human body. Some common medical drugs or substances with which Zetia interacts are: lovastin (Mevacor), cyclosporine (Neoral, Gengraf), and clofibrate

    Possible side effects of Zetia:

    Like as any other medicine,side effects may also appear while taking Zetia. Side effects are generally mild and rare, but it is important to know that the following side effects may occur:

  • allergic reaction : swelling of the lips, tongue, difficulty in breathing, itching
  • abdominal pain
  • dizziness
  • headache
  • diarrhea
  • Please note that Zetia doesn’t cure high cholesterol. It only helps to maintain a normal level of cholesterol in the blood. If Zetia is associated with a healthy diet, it gives wonderful results which can help you feel much happy and healthy.