Quality and Safe ED Medications in Canadian Pharmacy

Quality and Safe Erectile Dysfunction Medications in Canada Pharmacy

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Nearly 80% of the dispensed medications are generic ones. Being absolutely identical to their branded equivalents these are substantially cheaper which implies pretty large savings (up to two-thirds) without sacrificing quality and safety. Quite a big segment of this part in its turn is taken by generic medications used for treatment of erectile dysfunction. They are among the most sought and ordered medicines and not only in Canadian Pharmacy so let’s get some facts about generic medications in general and why purchase them at this very drugstore in particular.

What Are Generic ED Medications? Quality and Safe ED Medications in Canadian Pharmacy

These are the same basic products as the brand-name ones. This means that they can be taken for the same reason and in the same way. They are also identical in the following: active ingredient, form of dosage, strength and efficacy.

All the rest like shape, color, packaging and sometimes flavor and preservative is different which is actually a copyright issue. However, there is one more difference so much discussed and talked about – difference in price where any generic ED medication like e.g. Canadian generic Viagra can cost ten times cheaper than its branded equivalent.

Why Is the Difference in Price so Substantial?

Unlike brand-name manufacturers generic ones don’t have to spend funds on research and large-scale drug testing as well as marketing, advertising and promotion where the latter factors can cover far more of overall expenditure than the first two ones. Purchasing any generic ED medication you pay for the drug per se and not its patent. Now men are not only well aware of these peculiarities but most have already tried out the offered non-proprietary ED drugs, so cannot figure out why they should pay more if the same effect can be achieved when taking cheaper medications of the same quality and safety.

Why Purchase ED Medications from Canada Pharmacy

Like one of the most reliable and popular online drugstores http://www.canadianhealthcaremalll.com dispenses only high quality, safe and certainly effective drugs against erectile dysfunction. What you as a customer should also know about the pharmacy is the following:

1. The drugstore cooperates only with highly regarded and time-tested suppliers all of which are FDA approved manufacturers.

2. Due to this direct cooperation as well as the matter that the drugstore spends nothing on marketing all ED medications are decently priced products. This is manufacturing cost only what is charged.

3. Depending on your order you will be provided with either free bonus pills (usually four) or with both free pills and free insurance; the latter ensures order reshipment in case of delivery failure. Free Regular Airmail is another special offer provided.

4. Your confidentiality, anonymity and discreetness are pharmacy’s major concern. To ensure proper protection of your personal data 256 bit encryption is used.

5. Finally, you’re welcome to get personalized professional help (if you need any) as well as top-notch customer support.


ED Findings From the Boston Area Community Health Survey

Recent findings from the Boston Area Community Health (BACH) Survey have pro-vided further evidence of the association of ED with prevalent comorbid conditions and modifiable risk factors in a large population-based epidemiologic study, as well as new insights on the role of socioeconomic status (SES) and race/ethnic disparities in ED, as well as the complex interaction between ED, chronic illnesses, and prescription medication use.

BACH is a community-based epidemiologic study of a broad range of urologic symptoms in a random sample of over 5,500 adults, including 2,301 men age 30–79 years. The BACH study used a multistage-stratified design to recruit approximately equal numbers by age decade, gender, and race/ethnicity, resulting in a population representative, diverse sample. Multidisciplinary data collected through an extensive in home interview include a wide range of covariates, including anthropometric and blood pressure measurements, venous blood sample collection, self-reported medical history, sociodemographic characteristics, and lifestyle and psychosocial factors as well as administration of an extensive sexual questionnaire, including the International Index of Erectile Function with viagra online Australia (IIEF-5). Medication use was collected using a combination of drug inventory and self-report with a prompt by indication.

Consistent with findings from previous studies, results of the BACH study show a strong association between ED and major chronic illnesses, such as heart disease, diabetes, and depression with an approximately twofold increase in risk of ED. A comparable association between hypertension and ED disappeared only after adjusting for heart disease and diabetes. While the association between overall obesity, assessed by BMI and ED was weak, a much stronger association was observed when considering abdominal obesity measured by waist-to-hip ratio. Similar to the association of ED and hypertension, the effect of abdominal obesity was nonsignificant only after controlling diabetes and heart disease. Overall, these results were consistent across race/ethnic groups, with only minor observed differences between groups.

Results from the BACH study also contribute to the growing body of evidence showing an association between ED and LUTS. We further investigated the contribution of urinary incontinence and prostatitis which are common voiding symptoms not included in the AUA symptom index. The observed association in BACH between ED and LUTS, both conditions with increasing prevalence in aging men, is consistent with findings from previous studies, BACH data shows that this association is primarily due to nocturia, and symptoms of urinary incontinence and prostatitis, with results again consistent across race/ethnic groups. Similar results were recently observed when investigating the association between urinary symptoms and low sexual desire.

In addition to the role of comorbid medical conditions, BACH findings also provide support for the contribution of potentially modifiable behavioral risk factors, such as physical activity, smoking, and alcohol consumption in their effects on ED. Results show a weak association between alcohol consumption and ED, in particular, with no evidence for a linear trend, as moderate alcohol consumption was associated with a slight decreased in risk while increased amounts were associated with very slightly higher risk of ED. On the other hand, a clear trend in decreased risk of ED was observed with increased physical activity. BACH data also provide further evidence of the increased risk of ED associated with smoking with a strong dose-response pattern in between duration and intensity of smoking and increased risk of ED with a significant increase in ED risk with exposure to 20 pack-years or more. BACH data also permits the assessment of the impact of exposure to second hand smoke (pas-sive smoking) and shows a moderate, statistically nonsignificant, increase in the risk of ED comparable to the effect observed for 10–19 years of smoking. These results highlight the importance and opportunity for the intervention on modifiable behavioral factors, such as smoking cessation and increased physical activity in prevention or improvement in erectile function as well as the possibility of adverse effects of long-term chronic exposure to passive smoking.