Acomplia – Losing weight no problem now

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The best way to lose weight is none other than diet pills. The moment you think of loosing weight, diet pills come right away in your mind. Yes. Diet pills are among the first chain of thoughts that come to our minds. Deciding from the wide range of diet pills you will find in the weight loss market is really an uphill task. In the inundated market of diet pills, Acomplia has come as a great help in doing away with the obesity.

Acomplia diet pills have been come out not only just getting rid away from obesity but it also help in quitting smoking and could also be useful in helping people to refrain from drug and alcohol dependence. Using Acomplia diet pill will obstruct the functioning of the CB-1 receptors, which is situated in the Endo-cannabinoid system are responsible for the ingestion of food in the body works upon the theory of an appetite suppressant.

Due to this function the intake of food decreases considerably and this be inclined in lose weight. At same time there are many side effects that the user may have to face. People taking Acomplia may face silent multiple sclerosis given the neuroprotective role of the Endo-cannabinoid system in many experimental paradigms of neurological disease. They may also have:

* Nausea
* Lightheadedness
* Unsettled Stomach
* Headache
* Muscle spasm

But repetitive usage of this medication can do away with the effects of Acomplia. Taking doctor’s advice is recommended.

People in the UK, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Finland, and Sweden are using this weight loss drug- Acomplia. Regular workouts and appropriate diet will bring upbeat results. 20mg Acomplia is the normal dosage, and over dose of Acomplia should be avoided.

You can fetch Acomplia through online pharmacies; it is an ideal means to get it. Online pharmacies are convenient way of getting Acomplia diet pill. You can easily order for Acomplia at online pharmacies and get it sitting at home.


Obesity treatment medication Acomplia

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Acomplia is a new obesity treatment medication. If you want an aid to lose weight, read about Acomplia here.

Obesity medication Acomplia – The latest weight loss aid

Pharmaceutical company Sanofi Aventis manufactures rimonabant. It is generic name of the branded medication Acomplia. It is an obesity treatment medication.

What is obesity?

Obesity is a serious condition wherein a person has more weight than is healthy. Obesity leads to various diseases that may prove to be fatal, if timely action is not taken. Some of the diseases caused by obesity are diabetes, high blood pressure, and even cancer.

Many countries are facing more and more hospital cases because of obesity; financial losses are also mounting because of the condition. Cases of morbid obesity are also rising and this condition is highly fatal. In order to avoid obesity turning into morbid obesity, it is very important that you take steps to lose weight. You should first try to lose weight with conventional methods such as dieting and exercising. If however, you do not lose weight with the help of these methods, you can consult a doctor and ask him to suggest some weight loss aids.

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Causes of obesity

Obesity can be caused by genetic factors, hormonal problems and lifestyle factors. Sometimes environmental factors also play a big role in obesity. If your family members and relatives are obese then your obesity is caused by genetic factors. If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, do not exercise much and eat a lot of junk food then you stand a high chance of becoming obese.

Whether your obesity is caused by lifestyle or environmental or any factors, it is important to fight it. Ask a doctor if you can take Acomplia or any other obesity medication.

Obesity medication Acomplia

Acomplia was approved for use in obese patient on 28th June 2006 in the UK. The active ingredient in Acomplia is rimonabant. It is a prescription drug for obesity.

Acomplia is an obesity treatment for obese patients with a BMI of 30 and above. It can also be taken by overweight patients with other risk factors such as type 2 diabetes or dyslipidaemia. Acomplia reduces the risk of obesity related diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. Although Acomplia is an obesity drug, it is also beneficial for smoking cessation. However, this benefit of Acomplia is not yet approved for use.

Acomplia has been shown to have beneficial effect on blood glucose and fat levels. Moreover, it raises HDL cholesterol levels (good cholesterol).

Acomplia clinical trials

Following are the results of Acomplia clinical trials:

33% patients who were given Acomplia in clinical trials lost more than 10% of their original body weight

67% patients on Acomplia lost more than 5% of their initial body weight

Patients on placebo and calorie-controlled diet lost significantly lower weight compared to those on Acomplia

Patients who took Acomplia for more than a year did not regain weight

Ingredients, strength, side effects of Acomplia

The active ingredient in Acomplia is rimonabant, which is a CB-1 receptor antagonist. Acomplia works as an appetite suppressant. You can get Acomplia in 10mg and 20mg dosage strengths. Never take Acomplia for cosmetic purposes, it is a prescription medication and should be taken under a doctor’s guidance only.

Acomplia has few side effects such as nausea, dizziness, diarrhoea, vomiting, hypoglycaemia, anxiety, and mood swings. Most side effects of Acomplia are temporary in nature and go away as your body adjusts to the medication. Acomplia side effects are also transient and reversible in nature and disappear when you stop the treatment.


The Advent of Diet Pills

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You must have come across many diet pills that ensure slimming and that too in a less amount of time. These pills are usually suggested by the doctor to the people facing severe health troubles. The diet pills have recently been gaining popularity, especially among the women. There are many different kinds of these diet pills that act as fat burner, metabolism booster, appetite suppressants and carbohydrate blockers. The most widely accepted among all are Herbal diet pills.

The Herbal diet pills come in a wide variety like herbal based fat burners, herbal carbohydrate blockers, herbal appetite suppressants, and herbal metabolism boosters. With striking ads, it becomes quite difficult to decide which one would be suitable as well as worth spending the money on.

You must be sure of the diet pills that you are consuming whether they are apt, as these are available even without the prescription from the doctor. Proactol is one of the herbal fat burners that is used quite often and is available in the form of Pill. Dietrine is also an herbal based medicine but it is a carbohydrate blocker that is available in the form of a tablet.

The herbal based carbohydrate blockers that are known as “carb blockers” are among the best options that are present as diet pills. They act by passing carbohydrates to the digestive system with a much reduced intake of the calories. Medically, this has been proved that these tend to decrease the absorption of starch by about 75% which in turn results in a reduced intake of calorie. Few of the common carb blockers include Fat blast Xtreme and Dietrine carb blocker

The herbal based boosters of metabolism help to increase the rate of metabolism in the body which is otherwise reduced due to several factors like genetic factors, physical activity and due to the problems relating to thyroid gland. Some of the commonly used boosters of metabolism include Megathin Microlean. Few of the common herbal based fat burners are fast fat reduction, Liposafe and Lipothin. The use of these medications is entirely on the consumer as these are available with no cent percent guarantee of instant melting of the fat.

The use of the diet pills mentioned till now is the sole responsibility of the user as there is simply nobody to take the guarantee of these. It is advisable to take these pills along with a proper regime of exercise and diet. It is always safe to take these medications only and only after the doctor’s consultation.