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Viagra Professional in ED Treatment: General information and Where to buy

Erectile Dysfunction is a big problem of modern society mostly due to the fact that no one is safe from this life-ruining health issue. The origins of the problem may differ from case to case. Ranging from physiological causes to a plethora of psychological. There are various environmental issues in this world and many have a direct impact on erectile function.

Bad ecology, stressful schedules, and unhealthy style of living make problems with erections far more frequent than they should be. Now, we all live in a very stressful and far from ideal environment. We have to deal with a multitude of stress sources and constantly struggle with fencing off the negative impact of environment. Additionally, smoking (even passive) and drinking alcohol may cause early erectile dysfunction. Another factor is age. The older we get, the harder it is to maintain erection as long as we would like it.

Due to the wide-spread of the problem, the very problem of treating erectile dysfunction is one of the priorities in modern medicine. Note that treating the core issue is often troublesome and many focus on inhibiting symptoms. Erectile dysfunction is also just a manifestation of a disease or health issues. However, this manifestation is something that needs immediate attention and can be cured fairly easily.

We recommend for read full information about Erectile Dysfunction: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/5702.php

Viagra. The New Age Miracle

ED Treatment

When the brand of Viagra appeared, the male population of the world rejoiced. This was a simple and conventional solution for the problem that millions were looking for. While not many men are suffering from a complete loss of erectile function, hundreds of thousands experience temporary and infrequent problems with erection. In the vast majority of such cases, men are not really sure if they need medical attention and would prefer to keep the problem away from the public eye.

Viagra was a very efficient and all-around good solution due to a plethora of reasons:

  • Buying without a prescription. Getting a prescription means discussing the problem with a doctor. For many men this is a big red “no”. Some people are simply not comfortable with discussing their health issues with strangers. Doctors, however caring and professional they may sound, are total strangers and make us uncomfortable. Viagra can be bought online without a prescription.
  • Convenient usage. When it comes to Viagra Professional, one does not have to worry about the method of intake. Just swallow a pill and the desired effect comes shortly after. It is simple and it does not cause any troubles.

However, branded versions of Viagra were priced highly and were out of reach for average men. Even those who could afford buying it were limited in terms of usage. This issue was recently removed from the table. Many brands of Viagra professional are competing against each other creating a healthy market with a multitude of competitors who equalized the market and made the median price much lower than it was before.

Does it really work?

Many consumers are concerned with the effectiveness of Viagra professional. Obviously, some are not certain that a single medication can completely carry away erectile dysfunction. However, clinical studies and years of studies in the after-marketing period showed that Viagra and Viagra professional are showing impressive success rate of 80%. Yes, in 8 out of 10 cases the result is positive. The remaining 20% experience slight problems with erection. Note that Viagra professional has a success rate of 92%.

Simultaneously, many people are concerned with possible side effects. Again, years of research did not find any critical side effects and many side effects are common for the vast majority of completely safe and widely used medications.

Viagra professional is a slightly more powerful version of Viagra. However, it does not require specific consultations with doctors and can be used without prescriptions. Note that choosing the right dosage and proper time frames for usage are individual matters. Every single person has to adjust the intake based on his personal experiences. At the same time, various brands of Viagra professional may yield different results and each time you choose a new brand, you have to adjust your intake habits.

Problems and known issues

Viagra professional should be taken with other types of medications after consultations with doctors. There are cases when even a small intake of phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor may cause health issues when coupled with other medications. This relates to any type of medication and not only Viagra. If you have to combine various types of medications, make sure that they are compatible and do not cause any troubles for your organism when taken simultaneously.

The effect of Viagra professional may be less visible and be slower if taken with meals containing fat. High-fats, red meats, and other similar products may significantly inhibit the effect of Viagra. Oftentimes, such diet may slow down the effect, but will still impact erectile function positively. Note that when balancing your diet while using Viagra.

Now, some people report that they have troubles with erection even after taking a pill of Viagra. Frequently, this occurs when men expect erection without sexual stimulation. Note that without sexual stimulation and psychological arouse it is hard to achieve healthy erection even with an enormously big dose of Viagra.

Continuous treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

Regular intakes of Viagra may improve erectile function. In the vast majority of cases, regularly scheduled intakes of Viagra yield better results in the long run. However, if you want to engage in sexual activity, you need to take a pill before the engagement.

Calculating a healthy dosage is a complicated matter. You may want to consult with a specialist who will help you with developing an efficient treatment course. This also helps you to estimate the amount of Viagra professional required for treating erectile dysfunction in the long run.

Note that Viagra also helps your organism in many ways. On top of dealing with erectile dysfunction, Viagra professional helps in normalizing a plethora of other body mechanisms including:

  • Problems with bloodstream and blood vessel system in general. Also helps in normalizing and treating nervous system to a certain degree.
  • Blood circulation in the whole body and body zones related to erectile function. This makes organism healthier in many aspects.
  • Treating diabetes symptoms. Erectile dysfunction is one of the manifestations of diabetes and regular intakes of Viagra professional can minimize the effect of this disease.

Purchasing Viagra Professional Online

One of the best things about Viagra professional is that you can purchase it online without having to worry about personally talking to a pharmacist. Ordering a pack of Viagra professional is simple and convenient and you can do it sitting in your favorite chair. The prices are much lower than in regular local stores and you can always search for the best option.

At the same time, ordering online has a very important benefit of complete anonymity. You can make an order without being afraid that someone will find out about your purchase. The delivery is usually completely anonymous as well with the package being absolutely neutral.

Again, you don’t need a prescription or any other documents in order to make a purchase online. This is absolutely legal and safe. Make sure to follow the recommendations provided by the manufacturer in order to avoid health issues.

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Screening: general concerns

Screening: general concerns of Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy

in Sexual Health, by Foxy

Screening: general concerns
No clear consensus exists across medical specialties with respect to the benefits of PSA screening in the general population. The American Urological Association and the American Cancer Society recommend annual PSA and DRE screening for men stardng at 50 years old (40 or 45 in high-risk patients); the American College of Preventive Medicine and the American College of Physicians-American Society of Internal Medicine, on the other hand, do not. Survey data across three US states of practices by generalists and internists suggest that only 67% of family physicians and 40% of internists routinely screen men over 50.

The presence of LUTS does not predict prostate cancer incidence, but it does increase the likelihood of PSA testing, as do a diagnosis of Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy (BPH) and/or prior history of prostate surgery. BPH patients are also, of course, more likely to be seen by a urologist; a 1997 Gallup survey found that 92% of urologists employed routine PSA testing among their BPH patients. The Agency for Health Care Policy and Research and the International Consultation on BPH both recommend PSA measurement in those BPH patients for whom an incidental diagnosis of prostate cancer would spur a change in management (generally referring to patients with at least a 10-year life expectancy).
Prostate cancer detected incidentally during work-up or surgery for BPH may not necessarily be clinically significant. In the series of Tombal and colleagues, 8% of T1a patients opting for surveillance progressed at a mean of 73 months, whereas 29% of T1b patients progressed at a mean of 17 months. Kearse and associates followed 304 TURP patients for a minimum of 8 years, concluding that the risk of progression and death among T1a prostate cancer patients was not significantly elevated over those confirmed to have only BPH on pathological examination. Epstein and coworkers found, conversely, that even low-volume T1a tumors may progress and cause mortality with extended follow-up. Fowler and colleagues also point out that, with the decline in surgical management for BPH, men with T1a/b prostate cancer are increasingly likely to be undiagnosed.

A fundamental caveat with respect to interpretation of studies of diagnostic tests’ predictive ability is raised periodically in reviews of the prostate cancer screening literature and should be reiterated here: most studies report sensitivity (i.e. the proportion of cancers that will be diagnosed) and specificity (i.e. the proportion of unnecessary biopsies that may be avoided) of a test in a given population, and frequently present receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curve areas as a means of comparing competing tests. The calculation of these measures, however, is highly dependent on the prevalence among the study population of the disease in question. Thus, if a test’s threshold value is calculated to yield high sensitivity among a referral population in whom prostate cancer is relatively common, in a general screening population the same test would retain high sensitivity but may have very low specificity.

For this reason, the positive and negative predictive values (PPV and NPV) of a test, reported less frequently, are more relevant to most clinical decision-making. For ROC comparisons among unfractionated PSA and other assays between prostate cancer and BPH patients, Jung and colleagues have suggested matching patients by unfractionated PSA, to compensate for unequal distribution of PSA values between the two groups, but such adjustments are not usually performed.

More information and facts about PSA and DRE screening and prostate cancer, you can found in the site – www.acanadianhealthcaremall.com.

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Oral Medications for Impotence

In the advent of modern medicine, impotence can be treated at a much better success rate than compared to the previous years. These drugs though, are not just given over the counter. Before you are to purchase these happy pills, the pharmacists would ask for a for your physician’s prescription. You cannot just buy these medicines readily. This is actually for your safety, what you need to do first is to consult your physician, who specializes in urology, to see if you are fit to have these drugs or not. Drugs for penile erections can be harmful to someone especially if you don’t know that you have cardiac disease so it is vi­tal that your doctor has to rule these out first, thus the importance of consul­tation before anything else.

The obvious reason why these drugs are regulated (requires doctor’s prescription) is to prevent illicit use of these medications. Again, this is to protect the health of those concerned, because these medications can be fatal if used without supervision.

Below you can find a list of all the synthetically prepared drugs – not herbal medications – that physicians, specifically urologists prescribe to solve issues on male impotency.

Brand Name: Viagra


Brand Name: Levitra


Brand Name: Cialis

The above group of drugs work to relax the smooth muscles that line the pe­nis, allowing the blood to fill in. This is the primary mechanism which causes the corpus cavernosum of the penis to pool with blood and make it erect. These three drugs are taken orally.


Brand Names: Caverject, Muse

Unlike the others, Alprostadil is actually a hormone prostaglandin that relaxes the soft muscles in your genitourinary tract. Just like the above group of drugs, Alprostadil causes muscle relaxation and this promotes the flow of blood into the corpus cavernosum or the spongy tissues of the penis. Thus, a man can at­tain satisfactory erections.

Vardenafil, Tadalfil, and Sildenafil (Viagra) is used under doctor’s supervision with males who have coronary artery disease, active peptic ulcer disease, bleeding disorders such as hemophilia, or retinitis pigmentosa. The doctor would want to make sure that you don’t have any of these diseases so what he does is he orders a laboratory work such as an ECG or an electro cardiogram. He may also asses you for your current medication regimen / maintenance. If you are taking drugs such as nitrates (like antianginal medications), nitroprus sides, or beta blockers (like Propanolol Inderal), he cannot prescribe Tadalfil, Vardenafil, or Sildenafil (Viagra) to you because if you take these drugs alto­gether, you can have cardiac arrest or heart attack.

Unlike the other drugs, Alprostadil is given in the form of injectibles. Its side effeсt include priapism or prolonged painful erections, pain in the injection site, rash, infection, fibrosis, or high blood pressure.

Tadalfil, Vardenafil, or Sildenafil (Viagra) side effects include infections of your urinary tract, headache, dizziness, difficulty of sleep loose stools, redness, stomach upset, low blood pressure, and rash.

These two groups of antiimpotence medications may also cause blurred vi­sion and changes in color vision. These drugs may aggravate or worsen bleeding. That is why it is not prescribed for patients with active stomach ulcer (as ulcers bleed) and to those who have hemophillic or bleeding disorders.