Benazepril is prescription medicine, which is used for the treatment of hypertensin (blood pressure), kidney failure and congestive heart failure. Lotension is the brand name of Benazepril. This medicine can be used with or without other blood pressure medicine. Benazepril is a AEC (angiotension converting enzyme) inhibitor. This medication work by relaxing the blood vessels which lower blood pressure and also increase the efficiency of the pumping heart i.e it reduces the risk of hear failure in patients. It can be used for other conditions as suggested by the doctor or health care professionals.

By Benazepril (20mg) 100tablets

By Lotensin (5mg) 30, 60 and 90tablets
By Lotensin (10mg) 30, 60 and 90tablets

What Precautionary steps should I know before using Benazepril?
Before using Benazepril few things should be kept in mind. If you are allergic to Lotensin avoid taking Benazepril. If you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant avoid taking Benazepril as it may cause fetal injury. You should tell your doctor if you are taking any other medicines for other medical conditions, as it may cause sone serious side effects. If you are about to get your surgery done, you should tell your doctor before, that you are taking this medicine so that you can stop with this medication before few days of the surgery. You should never use Benazepril if you ever had swelling in lips, eyes, face, tongue or hand, difficulty in swalloing and breathing. People taking Benazepril medicine should avoid alcoholic drinks.

Can I use Benazepril during pregnancy?
Benazepril should not not be used or taken by the pregnant women and lactating mothers as it may harm unborn baby and nursed child. You should consult your doctor or health care professionals before making any use of Benazepril medicine.

How to use Benazepril?
Take this medicine as suggested or directed by the doctor or health care professionals. This medicine should be taken with a glass of water with or without food. Always take your medicine on the same time each day so that you should not forget to take your dose. You should take this medicine regularly in order to draw maximum output from it.

Dosage recommended by the doctor for Benazepril
Benazepril is a prescription medicine and should be taken exactly as suggested by the doctor or health care professional. But in general the recommended dosage of Benazepril is 5 to 10mg single dose, everyday. Do not increase or decrease the dosage without consulting your doctor as it may cause some serious side effects.

Side effects of Benazepril
All medicine may cause side effects. Benazepril also causes some common to serious side effects. These common side effects are itchy feeling, bad throat, rashes on the skin, spinning of head, feeling giddy, feeling of vomit, feeling sleepy, itchy feeling and irregular bowel movements and some serious side effects are cold, high fever, yellowing of skin, unconsciousness, change in the frequency of urination, severe rashes on the skin, angina, swollen hands, feet , increase in body weight and irregular heartbeat. If you observe any sign of the above mentioned symptoms, you should immediately consult your doctor or health care professionals.

Benazepril should be store at room temperature at 15 to 30 degree C. This medicine should be store away from the heat, light and moisture. Keep this medicine out of the reach of the children and pet. If this product is not in use discard it properly.