ED Syndrome is a set of life symptoms that are commonly produced by an ED condition and one’s reaction to it.

With the onset of ED most emotional reactions will be negative. The first ED experience is a defining moment in most men’s life. Probably more defining than your first car. Severe depression has been known to occur. An affected male may turn to the bottle for consolation, or have suicidal thoughts and a general sense of the futility of existence. There is no doubt: men see ED as a personal disaster. Except for your Dick, who probably recalls a nuclear disaster. Also, it doesn’t only lead to confidence and self-esteem issues – it often leads to very serious and complex health issues. We will see how ED is a portal into your body’s physical health. The longer ED is left untreated the more physical and psychological damage is done and it can easily become a vicious cycle.

Many men feel that if they can’t get their Dick to erect, their partners will seek sexual fulfillment with someone else. This leads to negative self thoughts and relationship issues, making the ED condition worse and self perpetuating. Some men who suffer from ED work so hard at trying to get their Dicks erect that the more they try, the more Performance Anxiety they fuel and so on.

Let’s look at some more symptoms of ED Syndrome. Can you relate to any?

- Avoidance of sexual encounters as it’s feared they will lead to humiliation and missing out on one of life’s beautiful experiences. And I don’t mean ice cream!
- Shame and embarrassment. They feel they cannot face discussing the problem even with a medical professional or sex therapist and – even worse – they may even conceal the issue from themselves.

- Loss of self esteem and confidence leading to insecurity about relationships. They avoid social situations.

- Some men turn to alcohol and recreational drugs to deal with their ED Australia Pharmacy Viagra. Ultimately, the temporary support makes them meet the kind of partners that increase the risk of their Dicks catching something. They undermine the confidence and ability required to beat ED and worse, their Dicks probably end up at a clinic for a course of antibiotics.

The above are examples of personal symptoms. If you can relate to any of them, don’t despair. Firstly, you are not alone, and secondly, this Step by Step Therapy will treat your ED condition and restore your sexual encounter confidence.