Using any sort of drug can have some sort of potential negative effects. Even though it is possible for people to have an adverse reaction, it does not mean that it happens to everyone. Some people have no effect from drugs, while others will have minimal side effect and then some will have severe effects. Because of the numerous possible reactions to drugs we wanted to review both common and severs side effects of the Halcion Drug.

Studies have been performed where they take a group of individuals and give them the Halcion Drug and then another group people that were not given any drug. They then take a look at the complaints by both sides and see the differences the groups have reported. The most common minor effects were sleepiness, dizziness, low energy, queasiness and some weakness.

The most common minor side effect was sleepiness which came in at around 14% of the people that were surveyed. The next was headaches which came at a touch under 10%. Following headaches was dizziness which was prominent in about 9% of the case studies. Nervousness was the next minor effect, which came in just above 5%. Lightheadedness came after nervousness at just under 5%. Coordination troubles ended up being just below 5% as well. The last effect was nausea / vomiting came which was at 4.6%

All drugs have their common minor effects but the ones that everyone should really pay attention to are the severe side effects. Significant hypersensitive reactions (rash, hives, issues breathing, tightness inside chest muscles, bloating in the jaws, the mouth, the lips and tongue) is most established severe side effects. Others are aggressiveness, chest muscles aches, rapid heartbeats, hallucinations, greater stress and anxiety, recollection decline, mind as well as feelings alterations, depression, shortness involving breathing, slurred speech, suicidal views, abnormal views as well as conducts, urinary alterations, eye-sight alterations, trouble sleeping along with yellowing of the eyes. Now this specific listing was outlined by nevertheless this is not the full list of halcion side effects. On the other hand if you undertake get all of these unwanted effect speak to your doctor quickly. In addition there are probably other halcion drug side effects that are not listed, if you have any of them please consult with a doctor.

There are many different prescription drugs that can help with insomnia. The most popular one on the market is Ambien. When you compare the two drugs together they both have the same benefits. They both have the same severe side effects. The only real difference is that Ambien has more reported common side effects.