If you have been suffering from heartburn and other symptoms from GERD and acid reflux you may have looked into different forms of medication as a form of treatment. There are a a number of prescription drugs claiming to offer relief from these symptoms and you have probably looked at options like Nexium vs Prilosec as well as Prevacid, Prilosec OTC and others. But what is better Nexium vs Prilosec?

In your search for the pros and cons of Nexium vs Prilosec you may have seen many a blog post or video promoting the advantages or disadvantages of Nexium vs Prilosec. Obviously many of these reports or so called news pieces are nothing but advertising comparing Nexium vs Prilosec for promotion purposes. Any service strongly pushing either Nexium vs Prilosec should be a red flag and you should consider the motivation of the source writing such material. As patients certainly your doctor will also have some input into their opinion of Nexium vs Prilosec and how it can effect you.

When looking at Nexium vs Prilosec they are very similar. Each drug is available in a different dose and can be used for similar problems however there are a few differences when you look at Nexium vs Prilosec. When comparing Nexium vs Prilosec one major factor is price according to one website Prilosec costs around $20 per month while Nexium costs around a whopping $190 each month. Other facts you may uncover when comparing Nexium vs Prilosec include that Nexium is newer, that it is limited in it’s official use and that while Nexium is only available Prilosec can be found over the counter in your pharmacy.

However when it comes to looking at the most important factor – side effects between Nexium vs Prilosec they are both notorious for an extensive list of side effects ranging from the unpleasant to allergic reactions and even those that are deadly. With such long lists of side effects it can be difficult to assess which is more dangerous when looking at Nexium vs Prilosec side-by-side. In fact to list all the side affects in comparing could take up a whole book. So here are just a few of the side effects that have been reported by users of each drug.

Just a few of the side effects associated with Nexium:

* Blurred Vision
* Confusion
* Depression
* Hair Loss
* Unusual Bleeding or Bruising
* Severe Stomach Pain
* Vomiting Like Coffee Grounds
* Hepatitis
* Deceased Numbers Of Blood Cells
* Aggression
* Liver Failure
* Kidney Inflammation
* Severe Skin Reaction
* Hallucinations

In fact the list of side effects of Prilosec listed by patients seems far longer than those of Nexium, but here are a few associated with Prilosec:

* Nausea
* Vomiting
* Stomach & abdominal pain
* Dizziness
* Itching
* Rashes
* Sleepiness
* Constipation
* Diarrhea
* Flatulence
* Headaches
* Muscle weakness and pain
* Loss of taste
* Swelling of extremities
* Mouth inflammation
* Confusion
* Liver problems
* Hypersensitivity
* Aangioedema
* Kidney problems
* Male breast enlargement
* Joint pain
* Arthritis
* General feeling of being unwell
* Dermatitis & skin problems
* Insomnia
* Aggressiveness
* Agitation
* Depression
* Dry mouth
* Hallucination
* Impotence & sexual side effects
* Profuse sweating

As you can see when comparing Nexium vs Prilosec the list of potential serious side effects are lengthy and at the least unappetising. However this does not mean that you have to choose between Nexium vs Prilosec. Fortunately there are many natural remedies that have helped other sufferers of ulcers, GERD, acid reflux and heartburn. These natural remedies do not carry the risk of side effects that you will find when looking at Nexium vs Prilosec. There are a wide range of these home based solutions that include herbs, plants, drinks and changing your diet. So before you decide to try a medication likeNexium or Prilosec wouldn ‘t it be wiser to try some of the natural remedies that have worked for others and see if you can solve your symptoms without these risks?